Are you tired of being told how you should and shouldn’t play poker? Tired of hearing the age old argument of GTO versus Exploitative play? Or perhaps you wonder why so many players you know win big when playing the “wrong” or “bad” cards? If so this site is definitely for you.

Every poker player around has seen the movie Rounders and if you haven’t I suggest you watch it ASAP. So about Rounders let me ask you a question, why is it that Mike loses his entire bankroll. Is it:

  1. Hand strategy
  2. Bankroll Management

If you said Hand Strategy because he loses A9 to AA and overplays his hand, you are like most people. But the reality is A9 vs AA on A9x9x board will lose most people their buy-in. It’s simply a cooler. Bankroll Management is why Mike lost his entire roll. In fact if you look around the Poker world it would be very hard to identify a player who has lost their bankroll due to solely hand strategy. Yet all of the poker sites are focusing on … you guessed it – hand strategy.

My name is Ted Possible, yes you got my last name correct P-o-s-s-i-b-l-e and here at Possible Poker we teach the 6 other skillsets the differentiate the top 1% of players from the rest and hand strategies is not one of them.

They are:

  1. Emotional Management
  2. Bankroll Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Measured Training
  5. A-Game Preparation
  6. Image Management

I have been playing poker for twenty five years and managed successfully to never let my poker game affect my personal finances and still be a +EV poker player. Whether you play online or live these skillsets can supercharge your game.

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