I am Ted Possible, a believer of all things within one’s control are possible and I am on a mission to prove it. 

When I was in preschool one of my teachers tried to tell me her idea of what was impossible.  She told me that I could not touch the clock on the wall because it was too high for me, so it was impossible. But, by God, I stacked those desks and chairs and touched that clock!

My interest for Poker started with my dad. I would accompany him to tournaments at our local community center. It was love at first sight. I found the game intriguing, enjoyed meeting new people and most of all I wanted to prove it was possible to be a WINNER at the game.

Throughout my life I had a burning passion to prove the possible.  I was born legally blind and told I would never drive yet I drive today.  I dropped out of college to pursue a career in technology. Then I decided that it was possible to go back and get my Computer Science degree which I successfully did in record time of a little over 6 months despite major hardship and catastrophic loss during that time.  

I was out with my family at a steak restaurant celebrating when I noticed some servicemen and decided to thank them for their service, but did not feel it was enough. At that moment I felt a yearning to pay for their entire meals so I did.  Ever since then I have been looking for ways to help Veterans. So I decided with my love for poker and with my winnings why not donate a portion to support our Veterans!  This has become my life’s mission.  I will continue to help the Veterans through poker and will never stop for as long as I continue to play.  

Many people believe poker is a game that is played by the selfish. I am on a mission to prove that wrong. The game has selfless players like myself who are willing to help our Veterans by donating a portion of our winnings to support them.

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